What Not to Paint Your Bedroom

While there is no right or wrong color to paint your Athens home, or your bedroom for that matter, there are a few guidelines to follow when it comes to painting your  bedroom. After all, it’s your bedroom…the place you wake up to in the morning and the place you relax and sleep in at night. So while the color of your bedroom depends on your own personal taste, here are a few things you should consider about certain colors before you pick up the paint brush. You should also take into account your room’s lighting throughout the day when choosing a bedroom color. It’s always a good idea to consult with your Athens painting contractor about which colors are most appropriate for the various rooms in your home.

Bright Red

Pardon the pun, but this color should set off alarms. When you want a space to be relaxing and stress free, the last thing you want to do is to paint the walls an alarming color like red. If you absolutely must paint something red, use it on an accent wall or a small area of the room. If you’re going after a romantic feel for your room, try soft mauves, lavanders, corals, and soft pinks.


This may seem like a cheery, sunshiny color to paint your room, but if you use the wrong shade, it can have the same jarring effect as bright red, not to mention make you feel as if you’re sitting inside of a giant lemon meringue pie. If you want to use yellow, use softer shades like , butter, camel, and pale ochre, especially if the room is already well lit.


Okay, you can do much worse than painting a bedroom white. But if you don’t have anything else visually significant going on in your bedroom, your walls will look very boring. Off white or pale yellow would be more calming, welcoming and interesting. If you really want to use white, color an accent wall or use interesting furniture and wall hangings in the room to make it more personal and inviting instead of sterile.


Painting a a room orange falls into the same category as red and yellow: Jarring, stimulating, and not very good for a relaxing room. Dark orange or burnt orange might work since they are less intense, or pale orange colors like soft marigold or Yuma.


Brown is a warm color, but on its own can make your room very drab. However if used correctly, it can make a bedroom look very chic and sophisticated. If you paint your bedroom walls brown, use contrasting accents like dark red or white furnishings to round things out.

Cool colors like blue and green are usually favored when it comes to bedroom painting since they are relaxing and calm. Overall, it’s up to you how to shape your bedroom to make it unique to you. When undergoing this process, it’s helpful to know which colors are best to avoid in order to make your spot the nicest it can be.

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