Small Room. Big Color

Small bedrooms need not be boring. Color is excellent for creating an interesting and very attractive space without overwhelming the limited area of your small Athens bedroom. It is, however, important to limit the colors but use them in different variations throughout the room design, both in painting the bedroom and in the added décor. Read here how to use color to enhance the look of a small bedroom through color, then consult with your Athens painting contractor about creating whichever look you choose.

It is very easy to create a superb small Athens bedroom by concentrating on one pair of complementary colors. Complementary colors consist of two hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel. An example would be blue and orange, which, incidentally, are also excellent for a bedroom. Blue enlarges space and orange adds cheerful highlights.

In order to ensure that these complementary colors work well together, it is important to remember that blue has a tendency to recede. This is the reason it makes rooms appear larger. Orange projects itself forward. In order to balance the colors, so that orange does not overwhelm the blue and make it almost disappear, it is a advisable to use only one third the amount of orange to two thirds of blue for a color arrangement.

Both blue and orange have lovely lighter shades, which are actually much better for decorating your small Athens bedroom. Orange has great shades of apricot and warm beige tones which look excellent combined with all nuances of blue. These are not as overwhelming as the fully saturated orange and can be used more liberally in combination with blue.

For your small Athens bedroom, it would be advisable to use blue for the walls because it opens up space, making rooms appear larger. Orange could be included as an accent in its full saturation to create sparkle, or its lighter shades, beige and apricot, could be added more liberally to emanate elegance. There are many textiles available, such as bed linen and curtains, which include both blue and orange in their pattern design. Artists love this color combination and have created great pictures using only orange and blue. Therefore, it is easy to apply this color scheme throughout your Athens room.

There are various complementary pairs, such as green and red, purple and spring green or violet and yellow, which can be applied in the same way as the example of blue and orange. The advantage of staying within complementary combination of two colors, is that you can create a much stronger impact for a small bedroom or any other living space. This is an easy and affordable way to add character and style to a living space.

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