Whether the Weather Be Cold, or Whether the Weather Be Hot…

Exterior painting is necessary but Athens painters face numerous challenges. There are various environmental and weather-related conditions that can either boost your overall painting results or mess them up. The choice of the color, the time of painting, the workforce and the prevailing weather conditions are considerations that must be understood and adhered to by all painters.

One of the most important aspects in an outdoor painting job is the prevailing temperatures. Painting in extreme temperatures can be highly unfavorable. Extreme temperatures, whether cold or hot, can have an adverse effect on the adhesive qualities of paint. This may result in lack of adhesion, which may in turn affect the ability of the paint to effectively stick on the surface. The paint may fall off, compelling the painter to redo the job. The ideal temperature for outdoor painting is between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit when the humidity is low, and the wind is light.

Another consideration to ensure that you pull off a successful exterior painting is to understand the negative impact that hot and cold weather can have on the painting. During hot weather, the temperature of the surface of the house rises. It is difficult for paint to adhere to hot surfaces and hence should be avoided. In extremely hot weathers, blisters and bubbles can also appear on the painted surface. These blisters cause the paint to peel and you may be forced to repaint. On the other hand, cold weather may cause the paint to absorb the excess moisture, a situation that does not only delay drying but also affects the adhesion of the paint. For oil-based paints, temperatures under 40 degrees are suitable.

In windy weather conditions, there is the threat that there will be poor curing of the paint. Intense blowing of wind can also cause debris and dust to stick on the wet paint. Moderate wind is however ideal as it speeds up drying. Humidity can cause recently painted surfaces to condense, which results in streak marks on the painted surface. The same applies to the rain, as it may wash off the paint. Review your local weather forecasts and avoid painting in case there are any indications of rains

Another consideration that painters should bear in mind includes the size of the targeted outdoor surfaces. To avoid uneven painting or even incomplete work, hiring a professional Athens painting contractor is recommended. Understanding prevailing environmental and weather conditions is the surest way to guarantee superb painting of outdoor surfaces.

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