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Why Choose BCI Painting for Your Watkinsville, GA Paint Job?

A coat of paint does more than enhance aesthetics; it can also improve durability, protect the surface from harsh external elements, and even provide waterproofing properties. If you need expert advice, guidance, or assistance with all your paint needs, BCI Painting Company is here to help. We can work with you through the entire process and provide a solution for all your interior and exterior painting needs.

Besides our painting services, we also offer specialized services such as wood deck staining, cabinet finishes, floor coating, and power washing. For over 20 years, BCI Painting has served residential and commercial customers with various paint-related services. In addition to our friendly and dedicated staff, we offer competitive pricing on all our products and services. As the preferred go-to company for painting services in Watkinsville, GA, we provide free estimates and warranties for work and materials.

Painting Services in Watkinsville, GA

Services We Bring to Watkinsville, GA

BCI offers more than just commercial, industrial, and residential painting services. We also offer services like floor coating, cabinet refinishing, paint solutions, and services for industrial facilities.

Let’s take a closer look at what we offer in Watkinsville, GA.

Residential Painting Services in Watkinsville, GA

Residential Painting Services in Watkinsville, GA

Planning is the first step in any project. Whether flipping or selling houses, a well-painted interior and exterior can add to the overall appeal of a home and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Our well-trained and experienced house painters in Watkinsville, GA are here to work with you through the process and advise on selecting the right paint finishes, colors, and application methods to achieve the desired outcome.

With our vast experience in residential paint solutions, no job is too big or too small. Whether you want to give your interior walls a fresh look or give your outdoor walls a much-needed coat of paint, we are the perfect Watkinsville, GA, painting company.

Commercial Painting Services in Watkinsville, GA

Commercial Painting Services in Watkinsville, GA

It’s important to leave a memorable first impression when trying to draw in new customers.The exterior of your building and property will influence how the public views you if you run a physical enterprise. Therefore, you want your paintwork to impress, whether you own a retail store, restaurant, fresh food market, or auto garage.

At BCI Painting, we have worked on several paint projects for commercial businesses, providing enduring paint solutions. With a proven track record, we can bring high-quality, long-lasting solutions to your project. Working with us ensures you’ll receive the best recommendations on the appropriate colors and finishes for your business exterior.

Industrial Paint Services in Watkinsville, GA

Industrial Paint Services in Watkinsville, GA

Not only do we have experience in working with businesses in the industrial sector, but we also provide the best solutions for the most challenging of environments. We have a wealth of knowledge in identifying the right types of paints that can withstand chemicals, high temperatures, heavy use of equipment, and high foot traffic in various areas.

In addition to our industrial painting services, we offer industries floor coating solutions and power washing services. BCI Painting understands the different safety requirements for various industrial settings. As a result, we are proficient at applying special coating for grip, floor markings for safety, and protective paint to prevent rust and corrosion, extending the lifespan of equipment and facilities.

Floor Coating Services in Watkinsville, GA

Floor Coating Services in Watkinsville, GA

If you run a warehouse, your floors can take a beating from high foot traffic and heavy machinery being moved back and forth. Rips, tears, and weight damage can all wear down your floor over time. Cracks and breaks could form, leading to structural issues and costly repairs.

BCI Painting Company can cover your floor with an epoxy floor coating, which will strengthen your concrete floors and protect them from heavy equipment and chemicals that could break down your floors over time.

Pressure Washing Services in Watkinsville, GA

Pressure Washing Services in Watkinsville, GA

BCI Painting company is the go-to provider for paint solutions and power washing services for interior and exterior floors and walls. For hard non-paintable surfaces — such as brick walls, siding, rock, building exteriors, pavements, and others — pressure washing is the best method for cleaning and removing grime.

A regular pressure wash will definitely do the trick to keep your exterior walls and areas looking clean. Pressure washing also increases the overall outside appeal of your business, especially if you’re in real estate where first impressions count the most.

When you work with us, you can be sure that we will clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas where dirt and debris accumulate over time, thanks to our latest tech and equipment. With BCI and our track record for service delivery, you are assured that you will get value for your money.

Cabinet Refinishing in Watkinsville, GA

Cabinet Refinishing in Watkinsville, GA

Over time, your wood cabinets and surfaces can lose their original sheen and start to look dull and unattractive. Why replace wooden furniture when you can hire BCI to restore them?

Our team of experts will strip, reseal, and add a protective coating to old wood surfaces that will refresh and give them that good-as-new look while keeping them looking fresh for longer.

Even if your wood surfaces require something as simple as a fresh coat of paint, during the cabinet refinishing, our team will advise and help you choose a color that best suits your decor and color scheme.

Deck Staining in Watkinsville, GA

Deck Staining in Watkinsville, GA

Decks are usually outdoor wooden floor surfaces that become dull and unsightly over time due to the elements and foot traffic. At BCI Painting, we are experienced in restoring wood surfaces with our deck staining and sealing services.

We understand that a professionally applied wood stain can increase the lifespan of your structure and withstand the Watkinsville, GA weather while protecting it from cracking, chipping, and possibly warping. Whatever the element, our experts will do all the prep work and proper treatment and select the appropriate stain to ensure long-lasting results.

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To work with BCI as your painting contractor, please contact us or fill out our web form to begin the process with a free quote.

BCI painting has the experience and reputation that any dependable painting company would have for providing high-quality services. You can have complete confidence in the superiority of our services because we offer a warranty on our labor and the materials we use.

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