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Services We Offer in Commerce, GA

At BCI, we specialize in everything to do with painting and keeping your property looking its best. We have years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial painting. Whether you want interior or exterior painting, or a revamped look for your home or business, we have you covered.

If you also want specialized services like floor coating, power washing, deck staining, or more delicate jobs like cabinet refinishing, then you’re in luck. Below, we will take a detailed look at the services offered by our professional painting contractors in Commerce, Georgia.

The Best Painting Company in Commerce, GA

Residential Painting in Commerce, GA

Over the years, your home is exposed to elements that cause wear and tear. As much as we want our property to remain good as new, it’s almost impossible. Whether it’s the interior or exterior of your home, BCI is ready to help you restore your walls to the desired state.

We help you choose the best paint and the right color combination for your desired result. The process doesn’t start with the first stroke of the brush but with prior comprehensive planning. We prioritize your satisfaction over everything else. You can trust us to deliver what you asked for and even exceed your expectations.

Commercial exterior painting

Commercial Painting in Commerce, GA

It doesn’t matter the industry or business you’re in; appearance strongly affects whether you’ll make sales or lose potential clients to competitors. Whether you have a retail shop, an office building, a restaurant, an auto garage, etc., the goal is to make a lasting first impression. BCI Painting company ensures that your business looks attractive and remains striking for years through quality paint jobs.

We have dealt with different commercial property types and fully understand the paint and application methods needed for longevity. So whether your business is located in the suburbs or deep in the metropolis with high traffic, you can trust us to deliver excellent results that will look as good as the first day for years to come.

Industrial Painting in Monroe, GA

Industrial Painting in Commerce, GA

In our years of experience as a leading painting company in Commerce, GA, we’ve learned that not all painting projects are approached the same. In industrial environments, the paint is exposed to harsh elements. The paint has to stand up to daily foot traffic, chemicals, heavy equipment use, and extreme temperatures.

We have industrial painting experts who can work with you to select the best type of paint or coating that can withstand these challenging conditions. We also know that industrial settings usually have strict safety requirements, and luckily our experts are skilled at applying coatings for traction and markings for safety. Our fresh coat of paint also helps prevent rust and corrosion, lengthening the lifespan of your equipment and facilities.

Driveway pressure washing services

Pressure Washing in Commerce, GA

You can think of BCI as a partner in improving your property’s appearance. We do more than just painting; our pressure washing services can restore the appearance of your property without a single brush stroke. Pressure washing removes dirt and grime from building exteriors, pavements, and other hard surfaces.

Pressure washing is beneficial if you have non-paintable surfaces like brick, rock, siding, or any other material that looks best in its natural state.

Regular pressure washing keeps the exterior of your property and your sidewalks looking immaculate, increasing your curb appeal significantly. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure deep and thorough cleaning, reaching those hard-to-reach surfaces where dirt and debris tend to collect. As a result, you can feel confident in the results when you partner with BCI as your pressure washing contractor.

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Cabinet Refinishing in Commerce, GA

Over the years, your cabinetry experiences wear and tear resulting from heavy use. After some time, the original appeal and attractive luster are lost. Rather than replace the cabinets, you can hire BCI Painting to refinish them. Especially if you have wood cabinets that have proved exceptionally durable, then there’s no need to replace them.

BCI’s cabinet pros can strip and reseal the surfaces and add a protective coating to keep your wooden cabinets looking great for years. If you prefer to add a fresh coat of paint, we can help you with color matching to ensure that your new upgrade fits perfectly with your kitchen’s interior design scheme.

deck painting serivces

Deck Staining in Commerce, GA

The timber on your deck turns dull after several years of exposure to elements. Deck staining can help restore the appearance of your outdoor leisure area. If done professionally, it increases the longevity of your structure and allows it to withstand Commerce, GA weather without chipping, warping, or cracking.

Our experts prepare your deck, stain and seal it to restore its natural look, as well as combat issues like mold, splintering, and rotting. Our staining ensures that your wooden deck remains pristine even when exposed to exterior elements.

BCI Team

Why Choose BCI Painting as Your Commerce, GA Painting Company?

We offer an unmatchable quality of work that few painting companies can confidently claim. In addition, our professionals offer specialized services in the entire range of services we offer. BCI Painting also offers full warranties for labor and materials spanning two years. Only companies with a high level of confidence will offer warranties of this length.

We have a great track record in the Northeast Georgia region and more than two decades of experience. So have the peace of mind that your property is in the hands of professionals.

Work with Us Today in Commerce, Georgia

If you’re looking for a reliable painting company in Commerce, GA, consider BCI painting. Contact us and request a free estimate. All you need to do is fill out our online form, and we’ll reach out shortly to schedule a visit to your location.

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