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Painting is an essential part of any building. It increases a structure’s curb appeal and longevity, whether a house, business, or warehouse. As such, you’ll want the best person for the job.

Finding the best painting professional is no longer as easy as searching for the best painting company near me. Every painting company claims to be the best; some have even paid to rank high on searches.

If you are looking for a painting company in Arcade, GA, you are in the right place. We at BCI take pride and joy in delivering top-quality and appealing painting services. We cover all types of projects, from small residential painting projects to large industrial ones.

So what makes us different?

We have a backing of 25+ years in the painting business, our estimates are free, and we offer warranties on our work!

house pai

Residential Painting in Arcade, GA

If you want to list your house or make it stand out in your neighborhood, you need to give it a fresh and better paint job. You want professional house painters to deliver top quality within your budget.

Our Arcade, GA painters have the expertise to work on your house’s interior and exterior. So, we have you covered whether you want a new exterior look or want to change your house’s interior walls.

We don’t just paint. We will start the project journey by helping you create a plan and pick the best color and brand for your house. Whether you need the interior painted or are looking for a whole house painting – our team is standing by to get the job done right.

Commercial building exterior painting in Campton, GA

Commercial Painting in Arcade, GA

Your business’s appearance is critical to how people see you. Having a poorly painted place of operations can be detrimental to your business. You want your business to appeal to people and show professionalism.

BCI is perfect if you are looking for an Arcade, GA painting company to handle a painting project for your premises. We have worked with various enterprises to deliver top-notch painting that speaks to their brands. Whether it is a shop, auto garage, restaurant, office, or storage unit, we have the best painting crew working on the project.

Our work is not only perfect but also long-lasting. We account for your business’s traffic and use applications that promote longevity. As a result, you’ll not need to repaint your business premises yearly.

Industrial Painting in Monroe, GA

Industrial Painting in Arcade, GA

Industrial painting differs from residential and commercial painting a lot. The painters must consider various issues such as chemicals, traffic, high temperatures, and machinery. Therefore, you need the best Arcade, GA painting company to handle an industrial painting project.

Our team will keep attention to detail and choose paints that can withstand industrial conditions. We’ll follow safety standards, apply the coating for traction, mark the floors for safety, and use paints that inhibit rust and corrosion.

We aim to lengthen your machines and building’s longevity while maintaining industrial safety.

modern kitchen freshly painted

Cabinet Refinishing in Arcade, GA

If you love your kitchen cabinets, you’ll not want to replace them after a while. Unfortunately, the use they undergo can deteriorate their quality and luster. If the problem is the latter, all you may need is the services of an Arcade, GA, painting company. Plus, painting is cheaper than replacing the whole cabinet.

Our painting crew has the specialty to strip, reseal, and coat any wooden cabinets. We will also handle any cabinet repainting job, using colors that blend with your interior decor. We will only leave when you are satisfied with the new-looking cabinets.

Driveway pressure washing services

Pressure Washing in Arcade, GA

At BCI Painting Company, we do more than painting. We are also a property improvement company. One other service we provide is high-quality pressure washing. So you’ll never have to use a brush again!

Our Arcade, GA, pressure washing services are the best for cleaning non-paintable objects like rocks, sidings, bricks, and things that look perfect when natural. Our team is backed by various top industry machines that remove dirt and grime from any surface without a brush, leaving the surface unaltered and clean.

Our pressure washing services also help you clean hard-to-reach areas without dismantling anything. We will not forget such areas because it is a hassle; that is why we are different from other pressure washing companies in Arcade, GA.

Deck staining services

Deck Staining in Arcade, GA

Your deck adds to your house’s look and value, and you should maintain it well. You must protect it from harsh weather, or it will crack, warp or chip.

BCI is perfect if you are looking for the best Arcade, GA, deck staining company. Before choosing a stain, we will inspect your deck and determine the conditions it undergoes. The goal is to make the deck beautiful and extend its longevity.

paint roller and paint brush painting

Finding the Best Painting Company in Arcade, GA

Finding the best Arcade, GA painting company, especially on the internet, can take time and effort. You must navigate through the many well-advertised companies to find one with a legit experience.

Search results are influenced by things such as paying for ads. Any company can give the money to rank high. As a result, your top results may have nothing to do with experience or quality of work but with their marketing budgets.

So how do you avoid this?

First, you need to search through maps and directories like Google Maps and Google business profiles to find more local results instead of paid adverts. Second, access your top result’s websites and check their previous work and reviews left by former clients. For example, a good Arcade, GA, painting company should have a clear list of painting services, credentials, and details about former jobs.

You can then contact the one that fits your painting needs.

Leverage Our Free Estimates in Arcade, GA

BCI is an experienced and highly dedicated Arcade, GA, painting company with 25 years of excellence. We offer free estimates for commercial and residential painting projects. Contact us today and request a free estimate if you want to use our services.

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