Stripes Are In!

When it comes to decorating our Athens homes, there is nothing better than a mix of drama and elegance. One way to create visual interest without overwhelming your home is to paint a room or accent wall with stripes. Here are a few things you should consider before you start to stripe your walls.

Bold or Subtle?

There are many directions you can go with wall striping. If you want something understated, you could have your Athens painters use two paints of the same color with different finishes. The different finishes give your eye enough of a difference to notice without having your wall’s paint be a distraction from framed art or exquisite furniture. In the other direction, you can get your walls to become a statement piece in and of themselves by making bold and contrasting color decisions for your stripes. Try to stick within the same color family or with complementary colors to not make your wall feel overbearing or overwhelming.

Color Choice

Once you’ve decided whether you want subtlety or grand drama, it’s important to pick which colors you will use. You don’t want to make your space seem smaller or less inviting by picking colors that don’t mesh well with the room’s intended use. Generally speaking, it is best to stay away from very dark colors when striping. Dark colors can make a room feel much smaller and can be oppressive. Instead, opt for mid to light shades of your color choices. Friendly coloring makes your stripes feel more inviting and less like a prison.

Elegant or Fun?

We’re not saying that you need to choose between elegance and fun: some colors offer both sentiments when striped! But it is important to remember the purpose of your room when picking colors to stripe. Bubblegum pink and a cute purple may be perfect for your little girl’s room, but perhaps a tad inappropriate for a formal foyer. Choose paints with more vivid color saturation for rooms that are for family enjoyment, and lean more towards light or dramatic shades for areas that require a touch more formality.

Don’t DIY

If you are planning on adding striping to a room, it’s important to not try to do it yourself. Because any error is glaringly obvious when walls are improperly striped, it is best to have an experienced Athens painting contractor stripe your walls instead. Your painting contractor will have a depth of experience with various painting techniques, including striped walls, and they will know how best to execute the design you want. The best part about hiring an Athens painter to implement your new design is that you no longer have to agonize over whether you’ve done everything perfectly or not; you’ll know that your painting service has.

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