Chalk It up to Fun and Function in Athens

There was a time when most Athens homes used wallpaper on their walls. Today, interior painting is much more popular. There are a huge variety of painting techniques that keep your paint and walls from looking boring plus adding practical use. One paint product that’s gaining in popularity is chalkboard paint. This paint will turn any wall into a chalkboard; pretty straight forward right? It’s pretty simple really, paint your wall with this paint, use it as a chalkboard, and when you’re done writing, erase it and start over. How fun is that!

Children love this type of paint in their room. You can paint a portion of a wall using this paint and let your kid’s artistic side run wild. Whenever they want to change it, they just erase it and create again. This is wonderful for play time fun. They can play school, they can draw animals and play zoo, the only limits is your child’s imagination. Another nice benefit of making a wall into a chalkboard is giving your children an acceptable wall to markup. Many parents have experienced the idle hands of a child marking up a wall with crayons or markers. Why not give them a wall which they can draw anything they want without getting in trouble?

Another popular room for this type of paint is the most used room in most Athens homes; the kitchen. The heart of the home is a perfect place to make a section of wall into a chalkboard. This can work as the family message center where you can leave each other notes about things to be done, or just a cute message to brighten each other’s day

Athens businesses can also use chalkboard paint as a place to leave notes and messages. Restaurants and stores can list specials, and then erase and write new ones as they change. You’ll often see chalkboards hanging in small cafes used as their menu boards. Why not make it easier and more unique by making the entire wall a menu board with this amazing paint?

Contact your Athens painting contractor and have your child’s room or kitchen become more fun and functional with no hassle!

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