How About a Coat for Your Athens Garage Floor?

It is hard to maintain concrete floors. The porous characteristic of concrete makes it quite challenging to clean and maintain. Oils, grease and industrial solvents can make the best Athens concrete floors look ugly. There are a lot of floor sealers and coatings made to give protection to the concrete flooring and add a permanent finish of high quality to the flooring. Although the coatings come in different varieties, the most popular is epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy finishes of high quality can give a surface a stable, heat resistant and stain resistant finishes for majority of concrete applications. These epoxy based finishes are also friendly to the environment since they produce less odor and pollution to water, land and air. As there have been continuous progresses in the technology, epoxy finishes have turned into something more stable and less prone to cracking, clouding or discoloration. The old problems with UV rays and sunlight that could negatively affect the epoxy finishes being placed on concrete have also been resolved. Modern epoxy based finishes have protection agents that preserve the resulting finish and shine even if it is constantly exposed to UV light in Athens. The finishes that can be purchased today are strong and durable.

By giving protection to prevent oil spills, industrial solvents, heat coming from hot tires and continuous foot and vehicle traffic, the modern selection of industrial epoxy coatings for concrete floors are the best solution for heavily used floors made of concrete. Applying the product is really easy and safe because it does not release harmful fumes or contain dangerous toxins.

The steps for this task are usually the same as painting. Once the concrete surface has been cleaned, a primer is used to apply on the surface of the concrete. This is needed to make sure that the surface is properly sealed and provides a bond for the epoxy based coating. Then, the epoxy is mixed well and rolled out on the concrete slab. A top coat or sealer may be applied once the epoxy has cured and turned hard. The majority of products can let foot traffic operate again after several hours and vehicle traffic about three days after the application. For a long lasting protection of your concrete, you can get these products at a lot of retail paint stores or you can use the services of your Athens painting contractor for the task. Either way, you will have an Athens garage floor coating that can last for years to come.

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