Exterior Painting 1-2-3 Steps to Paint a House Exterior

Getting Started: Essential Exterior Painting Preparation Steps

Before you begin painting the exterior of your house, proper preparation is key. It ensures your paint job looks great and lasts longer. Start by examining your home’s exterior. Look out for areas with bare wood, peeling paint, or chipped surfaces. 

Addressing these issues now will make your paint job more effective and durable. Pressure washing to remove dirt and loose paint is a crucial first step, as it creates a clean surface for the new paint to adhere to.

Step 1: Pressure Wash for a Clean Canvas

Using a pressure washer is the best way to thoroughly clean the exterior of your house before painting. It removes dirt, grime, and old, loose paint, creating a clean surface for new paint to stick to. When using a pressure washer, start from the top of the house and work your way down. 

This ensures that dirt from above doesn’t drip over freshly cleaned areas. Remember to adjust the pressure setting according to the surface material to avoid damage. A clean exterior is essential for a smooth and long-lasting paint job.

Step 2: Prep Work – The Key to a Lasting Exterior Paint Job

After pressure washing, it’s time to focus on the surface prep work. This includes scraping off any remaining loose paint and sanding glossy areas to create a texture that the new paint can grip onto. 

Pay special attention to any areas of bare wood. These spots should be sanded and primed before painting to ensure the paint adheres well and provides lasting protection.

Watch Out for Lead Paint in House Exteriors Built Before 1978

If your house was built before 1978, be cautious of lead-based paint. Lead paint is hazardous, especially when sanded or scraped. If you suspect the presence of lead paint, it’s important to take safety measures like using a mask and gloves, and ideally, consult a professional. 

In cases of lead paint, professional assessment and removal are recommended to ensure safety and compliance with health regulations. This is especially crucial when dealing with older homes, as the removal of lead-based paint requires special care and expertise.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Paint and Tools

Selecting the right paint color for your home is a big decision. But equally important is choosing the type of paint. Latex paint is popular for its ease of clean-up and quick drying time. 

However, oil-based paints are known for their durability, especially in harsh weather conditions. When deciding on paint color, consider the surroundings and how the color complements them.

For tools, you’ll need more than just paintbrushes. A high-pressure paint sprayer can be a great investment for covering large areas evenly. 

For detailed work, like on doors and windows or wood siding, medium grit sandpaper and a wire brush are essential for surface preparation. Don’t forget to lay down drop cloths to protect areas from spills and drips.

Step 4: The Painting Process – Applying Coats of Paint

When painting, it’s important to apply even coats. Start with wood siding or other large areas, using a paint sprayer for a uniform layer. For doors and windows, use a brush for better control around edges and corners. 

Always paint from top to bottom to avoid drip marks. Let each coat dry completely before applying the next, to ensure a professional and lasting finish. When painting trim and other details, use a small brush or an artist’s brush for precision. Take your time and work in small sections to avoid mistakes.

Step 5: Cleanup and Final Inspection

After finishing the painting, the cleanup process begins. Be sure to properly dispose of any used drop cloths and clean your tools thoroughly. Once everything is clean, conduct a final walk-through of your house. 

Check for any missed spots or areas that might need a touch-up. A thorough final inspection guarantees that your hard work pays off, leaving your home looking its best. Congratulations, you have successfully completed your painting project!

Wrapping Up: Your Path to a Beautifully Painted House Exterior

Painting your house’s exterior can be a rewarding project. Remember to start with thorough power washing, select the right paint and tools for the job, apply even coats, and finish with a detailed cleanup and inspection. 

For those feeling overwhelmed, or for more complex projects, reaching out to a professional painting company like BCI is a wise choice. We can offer expert advice and services to ensure your home not only looks beautiful but is also protected for years to come.

So contact us today and let us help you achieve the exterior look you’ve always dreamed of for your home. Our team of experienced painters will work with you every step of the way to make sure your vision becomes a reality.