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Athens Painting Tips

For professional painting tips from the local Athens painters at Berry Coating, please check out our blog posts below. You'll find we cover all sorts of topics, from interior and exterior painting to proper pressure washing tecniques and how to keep your deck looking great. Have a specific question related to the services we offer, or want to schedule an estimate with one of our painting contractors? Give us a call today!

How Can Pressure Washing Benefit My Home?

Your home requires a lot of upkeep to maintain its well-being. You need to address components such as its roof, HVAC system, foundation, gutter work, and more on an annual basis. And among all of this practical work, you’ll still need to be sure that your home LOOKS great. But that’s just another chore to […]

How Do I Keep My Deck Looking Beautiful?

A deck is one of the best investments could make. It provides you with a beautiful place to go and enjoy the summer nights with friends and family. You can cook, drink, and just unwind after a long day or week. And all the while, a deck will increase the value of your home, making […]

What Are the Benefits of an Exterior Paint Job?

Because the exterior of your home is constantly exposed to the weather, it needs a little more upkeep than the inside does. Your home’s exterior paint job most of all will require extra touching up and retouching over the years. But is your home’s paint job really that susceptible to quick wear and tear? And […]

Interior Painting Preparation Tips

The truth of the matter is, the interior painting preparation for your Athens home is the biggest part of the process. Most homeowners envision painting as a fairly easy job, one that they can take on themselves. However, this could not be further from the truth. Ask anyone who has ever attempted to DIY an […]

Affecting Your Mood Through Interior Paint Colors in Campton

Having the inside of the home painted can bring about much joy. It’s nice to look at colorful walls as opposed to the white, dirty ones that once stood. But interior paints have a special factor to them. Campton interior painting can affect your mood(s). Colors have been known to affect moods. There are countless […]

Expert Exterior Painting Preparation Results in Beautiful Athens Homes

When you decide to conduct an exterior painting project in Athens, you should hire a professional painting contractor to help. It is important to conduct your exterior painting project in the best fashion possible. First, you exterior paint job obviously defines the overall look of your home. If the job is done poorly, your family’s enjoyment […]

How Interior Painting Color Set the Mood in Your Bishop Home

Ever walk into a room and instantly feel a certain vibe? You can’t pinpoint it. Maybe it’s the furniture, or window placement or the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There’s a good chance, however, that it’s the paint color of the walls. It’s no secret that color evokes emotions and is often associated with certain […]

Indoor Lighting and Interior Painting

When you’re considering a new color for a room in your home, you’ll want to consider that room’s illumination. A room’s lighting levels and type of lighting have a tremendous impact on how a color is going to look. A color that seems great in theory, and looks great on the swatch at the hardware […]

Carl Home Bedroom Painting Tips

Painting rooms can be a daunting task, but with a lot of imagination and creativity, it can be a really enjoyable job. Carl bedroom painting, in particular, can be a chance to redecorate one’s sleeping area to make it more conducive to rest and relaxation. All one needs is some paint, a couple of paintbrushes […]

Exterior Painting Colors and Their Importance to a Jefferson Home

Jefferson exterior painting colors are some of the most important qualities to a home. The colors of a house are the first qualities that a person notices when they first see a home so having colors that are very appealing is important. Exterior painting colors are also important because they give the house a better […]

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